In-house training

In-house training

In-house training

How does it work?

Pharma Education Center organizes and carries out in-house trainings for pharmaceutical companies, technical service providers and private or public research institutes.

In-house training

All the advantages

“In-house” is an effective way to manage the training of your personnel, as it presents many advantages:

High level training

Solutions for every need

With no effort for the attendee, we can deliver the designed training directly on site or via web, as preferred.

Pharma Education Center has an extensive catalogue of titles covering all the major areas of interest for the pharmaceutical industry. The trainings can be conceived as a single session or be incorporated in more complex training plans that involve multiple experts covering different topics.

We can support our client companies in the design and execution of personalized training plans and help them being in compliance with their training standards and with the current regulatory requirements.

Through a careful monitoring of KPIs, Pharma Education Center can guarantee that the client’s staff has been trained in the most effective way.