Pharma Microbiology Congress 2021

SPEAKERS PMC 2021 – (in progress…)

Michael J. Miller_Pharma Microbiology Congress 2021

Michael J. Miller

PhD, President, Microbiology Consultants, LLC

Francesco Cicirello_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Francesco Cicirello

Site Quality Head at Adaptimmune

James Drinkwater

James Drinkwater

Head of PHSS Aseptic Processing and Containment Special Interest Group

Gabriele Gori

Gabriele Gori

VP, Head of Global Audit and Risk Management – Quality – GSK Vaccines

richard denk_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Richard Denk

Senior Consultant Aseptic Processing & Containment, chair of the ISPE Special Interest Group SIG Future Robotics

Andrea Pranti

Andrea Pranti

Qualification Transformation Engineering Manager, GSK Vaccines

Suzanne Nutter_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Suzanne Nutter

QA Group Manager, Astrazeneca

Matts Ramstorp_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Matts Ramstorp

Professor, PhD CEO Founder BioTekPro Founder Rentforum Chief Editor RenaRum QA M Clean Education Cleanroom GMP expert

Cristina Testoni_Pharma Microbiology Congress 2020

Filippo Trionfera

Quality Operation Manager & Qualified Person, BSP Pharmaceuticals

Kai Nesemann_Pharma Microbiology Congress 2021

Kai Nesemann

Product Manager, Sartorius

Francesco Ballestriero_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Francesco Ballestriero

Microbiology QC & Sterility Assurance Manager – Line Operations QA Manager, ACS Dobfar

Marco Fadda_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Marco Fadda

ATMP Solutions Manager, Comecer

EUPV_Lucia Costanzo

Francesca Coltri

Senior Microbiologist, ACS Dobfar

Tim Sandle_Pharma Microbiology Congress 2021

Tim Sandle

Head of Microbiology, Bio Products Laboratory Limited

Andrea Pranti

Di Morris

Clinical Auditor – AstraZeneca, former MHRA Inspector

Gilberto Dalmaso

Gilberto Dalmaso

​Microbiologist & Quality Assurance expert, Consultant

Julian Kay_Pharma Microbiology Congress 2021

Julian Kay

Director, Sterile Processing and Microbiology, Quality for the Sterile and Biopharm Supply Chain, GSK

Gabriele Gori

Mauro Giusti

Director, Technical Services/Mfg Sciences Eli – Lilly

Jesus Reyes_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Jesus Reyes

Operations Director Liomont – Mexico

Lucia Ceresa

Lucia Ceresa

Senior Technology and Market Development Manager at Charles River Laboratories, PDA Italy Chapter Vice President

Andrea Pranti

Patrizia Muscas

Sterility Assurance Sr Research Scientist Global TS.MS at Eli Lilly and Company

Gaia Malpocher_Pharma Microbiology Congress 2021

Gaia Malpocher

Microbiology Product Manager, Rigel Life Sciences

Paola Lazzeri_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Paola Lazzeri

Director, Sterile Processing and Microbiology, Quality for the Sterile and Biopharm Supply Chain, Veltek Associates, Inc.

Damiano ZIn_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Damiano Zin

BioTrends Manager

Marco Conti_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Marco Conti

Director C&P Engineering – PHARMA D&S Group

Alessandro Gasparella_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Alessandro Gasparella

Environmental Monitoring Manager, Corden Pharma

Silvia Aldi_Pharma Microbiology Congress

Silvia Aldi

Product Manager for Cell & Gene Therapy, SKAN AG

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