How to develop leadership with emotional intelligence

Training overview

Leadership can be developed through the ability to manage one’s emotional baggage. It becomes essential for a leader to transform their emotions into positive energy useful in pursuing their goals according to their values. Understanding the importance of emotional potential then allows one to increase the ability to motivate and “engage” one’s employees. A great leader charts their own course based uniquely on personal abilities and characteristics. The training course “How to develop leadership with emotional intelligence” is intended to provide an opportunity for participants, starting from their own specifics, to embark on a path of awareness of their emotional states, develop greater self-mastery and develop the strategic skills useful for the enhancement of their leadership.

Key points of the training

  • The Fundamentals of Leadership
  • Leadership and emotional intelligence in performance
  • The leader's self-management
  • Excellent leadership, self-direction
  • Intrinsic motivation and empathy

09:00 – 13:00 COURSE SESSION DAY 1
09:00 – 13:00 COURSE SESSION DAY 2

  1. Fundamentals of leadership
  • Leader or boss?
  • Manager vs. leader
  1. Leadership and emotional intelligence in performance
  • Emotional intelligence, predictor of success
  • The role of emotional intelligence in decision-making processes
  • The critical success factor, understanding and working with emotions
  1. The leader’s self-management
  • Knowing how to direct one’s emotions even in times of stress
  • Finding the energy to find new alternatives to critical situations
  1. Excellent leadership, self direction
  • How vision can improve careers
  • Being a master of one’s emotions and influencing others
  1. Intrinsic motivation and empathy
  • Leadership and intrinsic motivation, why it matters in leadership
  • How empathy can generate effectiveness in leadership management

Manager, Key Talent Professional

The course will be carried out through live lectures. Practical examples will be showcased, providing delegates with real life examples to be applied in their daily job life.

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Training cancellation

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Gabriella Campanile

Gabriella Campanile

Senior Trainer, executive coach, HR consultant, assessor Emotional Quotient

Gabriella Campanile is a senior Trainer, executive coach with ACC credentials – recognized by the International Coach Federation, HR consultant, Emotional Intelligence expert and Emotional Quotient assessor. She carries out training activities for corporates of various sectors in Italy in the field of managerial skills and soft skills. She is an HR consultant in SMEs, she is also General Manager in Daxo Group and Co-Founder of the Women 4.0 Community. She collaborates with the University of Siena, she is lecturer at the Master Executive Multicultural Diversity Management and she is Author of publications and articles on behalf of the University of Florence and Pisa.

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