Training Path: Medical Writing and Statistics in the Medical Field – MOD 2 – Medical Statistics

  • 2° EDITION: 15 May 2024
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  • Italian

Training overview

Module 2 of the training path in Medical Writing and Statistics in the Medical Field will focus on the topic of Medical Statistics.

In this second module we enter the theoretical-practical part of preparing a scientific product. Fundamental aspects will be addressed such as the working hypothesis, the preparation and illustration of data or results and the formulation of a thesis (in fact the title of the product). These same topics can also provide the starting point for developing the skills of reviewer and editor of scientific journals.

What you will learn in this module:

  • How to build a scientific manuscript
  • How the theoretical and technical parts of the work are composed
  • What types of software are needed for drafting


The training path “Medical Writing and Statistics in the Medical Field: from the scientific source to the final paper”, which is theoretical-practical in nature, aims to illustrate in a simple and logical way what knowledge, skills and tools are needed for the production of a scientific product in the clinical field. To this end, this course aims to transfer know-how to students, not only through face-to-face teachings, but also through practical coaching, to facilitate the transfer of concepts from theory to implementation practice. The Training Path consists of three modules, which can also be attended individually, in which there is a 60/40 division between theoretical and practical hours. Furthermore, the training path includes the basic notions for the use of software for writing, image preparation/processing and statistical analysis, tools whose knowledge is essential in the drafting phase of any manuscript.

The course consists of 3 modules:
MODULE 1: Medical Writing
MODULE 2: Medical Statistics
MODULE 3: The construction of the scientific product

It is possible to register for individual modules or for the training path. If you participate in all 3 modules the price is €1650!

Key points of the training

  • What is a scientific paper
  • What is needed to effectively build a clear and effective scientific contribution
  • The importance and knowledge of the most useful databases and computer software
  • Knowing how to set up and manage text, images and data to support scientific evidence
  • How to best use software for writing, creating and managing images and analyzing and graphical representation of numerical data.

09:30 – 12:30 MORNING SESSION

Medical statistics

Principles of evidence based medicine:

  • Pyramid of evidence;
  • Types of clinical trials, CONSORT documents

Interventional studies:

  • The experimental research protocol;
  • Primary and secondary objectives and endpoints;
  • Study design;
  • Population (sample selection, variability factors);
  • Blinding and confounding factors;
  • Principles of inferential statistics (statistical hypothesis, significance, study power, sample size);

The presentation of the results of the study:

  • Population analysis;
  • Outcome measures (descriptive, comparative);

Observational studies:

  • Type of studies;
  • Descriptive statistics;

The statistical tests to use:

  • Multivariate analyses;
  • The survival curves
  • Responses to treatment
  • Comparative analyzes (Bassing-Bablock; Blant-Altman; T-test; ANOVA)

Software and Hardware (Description and use of software for statistical analysis) (Practical Part)

Illustration of a software for statistical analysis (Practical Part)

Practical exercises (Practical Part)

The path “Medical Writing and Statistics in the Medical Field: from the scientific source to the final report” is aimed at medical management, scientific management and research and development personnel, as well as clinical research and pharmacovigilance. The course is also useful for staff in the Marketing and Communication department, to learn how to effectively interpret and therefore communicate clinical data. The course is aimed at all managerial and/or graduate personnel who need a complete and practical introduction to rationally approach the publishing phase of their career.

The course will be carried out through live lectures. Practical examples will be showcased, providing delegates with real life examples to be applied in their daily job life.

For online trainings the access link will be sent 2-3 days before the start of the training.

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Participant replacement

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Training cancellation

If the minimum number of participants is not reached, Pharma Education Center reserves the right to cancel or schedule the event for another date. Formal communication will be given within 5 days before the event date. In this case Pharma Education Center will refund the registration fee in full and without additional charges. Alternatively, the participant can request a spendable coupon for participating in another PEC event scheduled in the current year.


Niccola Funel

Niccola Funel

Post-Doc Fellowship presso University of Pisa, Start-Up Unit, AIRC 2014

He is graduated in Biological Sciences and after he obtained a specialization in Clinical Pathology and two PhDs: the first in Molecular and Experimental Oncology, while the second in Clinical and Translational Sciences. Funel has a long curriculum of research grants, during which he has established contacts and collaborations with companies involved in the clinical field in the fields of oncology (hepato-bilio-pancreatic district), pathological anatomy, molecular biology, dermatology, dentistry and pharmacology, producing and participating in over 100 scientific contributions. Furthermore, he obtained the positions of Associate Editor and Reviewer of international editorial series (BMC, MDPI and Hindawii) and the possession of a BASIC language programmer diploma.

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