Excellence in business education.

"We are what we do repeatedly. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit".
Quote by Aristotle

The company

Pharma Education Centre (PEC) is the training provider in the field of Life Sciences chosen by the leading Italian and multinational corporations
For over 10 years it has been organising courses and events throughout Italy and it is also present abroad thanks to collaboration with local partners.

The secret of PEC’s success lies in the professionalism via which for more than 10 years it has been organising residential and in-house training courses for companies in the pharmaceutical, medical devices, food supplements and cosmetics sectors.

In fact, underlying all the PEC courses and conferences is the ongoing commitment of the Expert Members who work together in defining the themes and training programmes, as well as that of the Conference Managers who decide on the most appropriate teaching, and that of the Speakers, selected from among the top professionals in the business, university and institutional worlds, in order to create courses with high added value for all participants.


To satisfy, with par excellence answers, the demands for training aimed at developing professional skills in the life sciences sector and organising events designed to encourage comparison and the sharing of experiences among professionals.

T'he training offer

PEC’s training offer has been developed to meet the demands of companies requiring courses with different approaches and levels of content so as to be able to train all the human resources working in the company, from junior to senior employees, from technicians needing to gain in-depth knowledge pf practical and applicative aspects,

to managers who need to have a more strategic overall vision of the topics. PEC’s training offer is integrated with and completed by major events which always focus on the most interesting and current topics in the sector, enriched with round tables and sessions dedicated to discussion and comparison.

PEC’s numbers

PEC has more than 500 training courses and 50 major events to its credit, including the annual Microbiology Days and Analytical Days, Track & Trace, and MedDev meetings and the conventions dedicated to Pharmacovigilance, Regulatory Affairs, Clinical Research, Packaging and Nutraceuticals.

It collaborates with universities and accredited entities in the pharmaceutical and regulatory worlds, including the Ministry of Health, AIFA (Italian Medicines Agency), ISS (Higher Institute of Health), AFI, (Pharmaceutical Industry Association), FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) and SSFA (Italian Pharmaceutical Medicines Society).