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The Road to Pharma Microbiology Congress 2022 presents:

Aseptic fill finish robotized lines – FREE WEBINAR

Sponsored by IMA LIFE

Pharmaceutical companies and CDMOs need to be able to manage a wide range of different products and packagings including toxic/biological hazardous drugs. The presentation will cover the IMA LIFE aseptic isolator and HVAC design and peculiarities, focusing on the features able to guarantee the fully compliance to current and future (new Annex 1) regulatory demand. The presentation will also provide an overview of aseptic isolated line configuration in different production scenarios, underlining the design strategy to mix and balance sterility assurance and high containment.
Integrated with isolation technology, Injecta family, IMA latest-generation fill-finish machines for RTU components, will be presented. Injecta implements advanced robotic technologies especially designed for flexibility, no-touch-transfer capabilities and maximum grade of sterility assurance.

Only subscribers with business company email address will be admitted to the webinar!
BioMérieux_Pharma Microbiology Congress

The ROAD TO PHARMA MICROBIOLOGY CONGRESS 2022 is a series of FREE WEBINARS that will accompany us till the Pharma Microbiology Congress 2022 in November.
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Stefano Specchia, Product Manager for Aseptic Processing Solutions
Giacomo Guidi, R&D for Isolation Technology


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