Comecer_Pharma Microbiology Congress 2021


Modularity as a tool of Flexibility: the impact of Isolation Technology in global pandemic response

This year will be probably remembered not only for the global pandemic of Covid-19 but also for the extreme countermeasures that the Pharma industry put in place in this unprecedent fight.
The rush to vaccine manufacturing highlighted how the technology needed for this process, luckily, was more ready than ever and was only waiting to be used. In such an urgent planning, proven and trusted technology is the best solution to rely on, but many times not quite fitting all the needs, especially time and space wise.
The presentation will focus on the unmatched advantages that isolation technology brought in terms of modularity and flexibility, either for the upstream processes (Handling, Formulation) either for downstream ones (Fill Finishing) leaving no compromises on aseptic processing and operator safety. Few more insights will be then addressed on how this existing technology is able to quickly react to this critical situation and how to keep it operative in a long term plan once this fight will be over.


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Comecer_Pharma Microbiology Congress 2021

SCHEDULED TIME: 3 pm – 4 pm (CEST)


SPEAKER: Federico Acciarri, Area Sales Manager, Comecer
Pietro Bosi,
Area Sales Manager (Italy – USA – LatAm – SouthWestEurope), Comecer


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